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Building a Workplace You Want to Be a Part Of: Lavin Welcomes Bully Market Author Jamie Fiore Higgins

What does it really look like to recognize—and improve—an unhealthy workplace? Jamie Fiore Higgins, author of the acclaimed memoir Bully Market, has firsthand experience from her 18 years at a toxic Wall Street company. Today, Jamie draws on her experience to show us what it takes to change our workplace cultures, promote inclusion and diversity, and ensure that everyone at our company can not only belong, but flourish.

Jamie spent almost two decades at Goldman Sachs, climbing from a nervous intern to Managing Director, a title that only 8% of employees earn and one of the most elusive roles on Wall Street. Its work environment did serious damage to her morale and health until she broke out of it. Now, she’s using her years of experience to show us what a truly healthy company cultures look like, and how we can all work together to build them.


Jamie’s memoir Bully Market is a "brave and vivid portrait" (Booklist) of her time at Goldman Sachs. She recounts in stunning detail the toxic workplace practices that she encountered, offering a look at the damage that unhealthy workplaces can do, as well as reimagining what a better future for our companies could look like. "With Goldman in my rearview mirror," Jamie says, "I want employees to learn from my experiences, and feel empowered to help create workplaces they want to be a part of."


Watch Jamie discuss her experience and memoir on TODAY:


Meet The Woman Shining A Light On The Dark Side Of Wall Street

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