| August 02, 2019

Abandoning the Status Quo: Innovation Guru Jeremy Gutsche Shares How CIOs Can Help Companies Disrupt

As the CEO of Trend Hunter, the largest trend-spotting platform in the world, Jeremy Gutsche is well-versed in the art of bringing big ideas to life. Now, he explains how CIOs will become crucial to disruptive innovation in the coming years.  

The average lifespan of a fortune 500 company has fallen from a healthy 75 years to a mere 15. Why is this so? According to Jeremy Gutsche, it’s because companies aren’t structured to adapt. “We have rules, structures, policies, procedures, best practices all meant to preserve and protect the status quo,” Gutsche explains.


In today’s organizations, there is no one person charged with understanding or implementing adaptation. But there should be. The CIO, the person who scouts new technologies and figures out how they will impact a company, is in an interesting position. In the coming years, Gutsche predicts the role will become much bigger, more sophisticated, and more strategic.


With the competition rising, brands are finally starting to understand the value of disruptive innovation. It’s important there is a clear leader of adaptation within each organization, says Gutsche, and the CIO is being called upon for the challenge.


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