innovation | May 17, 2012

Jeremy Gutsche: Inside Trendhunter's Innovative Work Culture

Though innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche runs the #1 trendspotting site in the world—it’s called, and it boasts over a billion hits—his meteoric rise started from the same kernels that all entrepreneurs begin with: an idea and a dream. In a new behind-the-scenes video, we’re given a glimpse into Gutsche’s background, as well as the unique work environment that he has cultivated at Trendhunter.

Jeremy Gutsche's approach to corporate culture has, from the beginning, focussed on creativity, energy, and—most of all—a sense of fun. His Trendhunter Academy program provides internships to young, entrepreneurial professionals looking to gain experience and begin their careers. Unlike at other workplaces, where interns perform mundane tasks, Gutsche throws his interns into the fire, allowing them creative reign over their work and putting them at the forefront of Trendhunter's daily operations.

Here's Jeremy Gutsche, talking about what differentiates his internship program:

"It's very important to make the experience something that's very rewarding. We have weekly beer parties, monthly fun days that include everything from dining in the dark to jet-boating and just in general a culture where we're trying to celebrate the people that are here, and recognize the place that we play in their careers, kick-starting their way into the world."

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" Gutsche is fond of saying, and at Trendhunter he is putting this theory to the test. In a world of increased competition, intensified customer demands, and shifting employee demographics, a culture of innovation is more important than ever. As one of Lavin's most in-demand speakers, Jeremy Gutsche provides practical ideas that inspire companies to make their cultures revolutionary.