innovation | September 10, 2019

Innovation Expert Jeremy Gutsche Interviews Celebrated Thought Leader Malcolm Gladwell on the Power of Ideas

Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche invited New York Times alum Malcolm Gladwell to the Trend Hunter offices for a thoughtful discussion on how and why we should challenge our assumptions—and the value it brings.  

As the founder and CEO of Trend Hunter —the world’s largest, most powerful trend platform — Jeremy Gutsche is at the forefront of the cutting edge. A naturally curious, powerfully driven leader, his mission is finding better ideas, faster. In this pursuit, he invited Malcolm Gladwell to the Trend Hunter offices for an intriguing conversation on why we should investigate ideas, challenge our assumptions, and stay inquisitive about the world around us.


“I don't think of the study of ideas as trivial. I think of it as ideas are the software we use to kind of navigate everyday experience. Nothing could be more important than that,” says Gladwell, who recently released his new book Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don't Know. In it, he examines how our understanding of people is often shaped by a set of rules or preconceived expectations, and how this unconscious bias can limit our potential to learn from them.


Responding to Gutsche’s question on how he fosters his own sense of curiosity, Gladwell admitted that he frequently challenges his own opinion: “A lot of  it is about exposing yourself to things that will potentially prove your preconceptions wrong,” he says.  “Nothing makes me happier than when I change my mind.”


Watch their full conversation below.


Malcolm Gladwell on his New Book, Talking to Strangers, The Future and Innovation

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