awards and honors | November 18, 2022

Johann Hari’s Stolen Focus Named Amazon’s #1 Nonfiction Book of 2022 for Investigating How to Think Deeply Again

Why can’t we seem to focus anymore? And what can we do to get back our attention? Stolen Focus, Johann Hari’s instant New York Times bestselling investigation into those two questions, was just named Amazon’s #1 nonfiction book of the year! Amazon called it “a game changer that will transform how you prioritize what’s important, and help you live in the moment.”

“Deeply satisfying and affirming and full of light-bulb moments, this is a book everyone should read.”

— Amazon

In addition to best nonfiction book, Amazon also named Stolen Focus one of their top 10 books of 2022, and one of their 20 top business and leadership books. Earlier this year, Stolen Focus was named Amazon’s best science book of 2022 so far. In it, Johann uncovers 12 root causes of our lost focus, and shows us how we can reclaim our attention. His practical solutions help us live in the moment, recover our productivity, and build stronger relationships.

Lavin is also proud to announce that three out of Amazon’s 20 best business and leadership books of 2022 are written by Lavin speakers. Joining Johann on the list are Lavin’s Cassie Holmes and Douglas Rushkoff. Cassie’s Happier Hour proves that we actually do have enough hours in the day, and shows us how we can make the most of our time to gain focus, productivity, and happiness. Douglas’s book, Survival of the Richest, investigates how we can take back our planet and society from the tech elites who are trying to shape it in their image—and why it’s actually easier than we might think.

In addition, Amazon named Chuck Klosterman’s book The Nineties to their list of the 20 best history books of 2022. An instant New York Times bestseller, The Nineties is “a superb reassessment of an underappreciated decade from a stupendously gifted essayist” (Booklist starred review).

Congratulations to Johann, Cassie, Douglas, and Chuck!

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