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Johann Hari’s New York Times Bestseller Named Porchlight's Business Book of the Year

Congrats to Lavin’s speaker Johann Hari for winning the 2022 Business Book of the Year from Porchlight for his New York Times bestseller Stolen Focus! Johann’s book “makes a hopeful, fearless case for how we must combat the loss of human attention,” says Porchlight. “In doing so, he makes clear, we can renew our imaginations and inspire our collective energies to fight for the common good. Stolen Focus is, in many ways, the book we need right now.”

Every year, Porchlight looks at hundreds of submissions to determine the most impactful business book of the year. Stolen Focus was an instant bestseller and Amazon’s best nonfiction book of 2022. In his provocative study, Johann looks at today’s largest psychological problem — our waning attention spans. With the average office worker’s focus maxing at 3 minutes, this is more than just an intellectual and productivity problem. Technological distractions continue to destroy our mental health and emotional health, with overall stress and sleep deprivation levels rising. But, with facts and examples drawn from his travels, Johann addresses the actions you can take today to become healthier, happier, and more creative.


“We need to understand that our attention did not collapse,” Johann says, “our attention has been stolen from us by these very big forces. And that requires us to think very differently about our attention problems.”


Our inability to focus is not due to laziness. Our focus has been taken, and Johann is starting the movement to reclaim our attention.


To take back control is the key to becoming a more productive, happier, and more creative person. Johann continues to share his insights with the world through his talks that validate and ground every individual struggling with their attention, and help them think deeply again.


How To Fix Your Focus & Stop Procrastinating: Johann Hari | E114

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