race | October 26, 2021

Historian Kathleen Belew Presents: A Field Guide to White Supremacy

In this non-fiction anthology, co-edited alongside Ramón A. Gutiérrez, Kathleen Belew reveals how the ideals of white supremacy operate in American life.  

A Field Guide to White Supremacy is a remarkably far-reaching book featuring the work of brilliant writers, scholars, and commentators. It covers everything from colonialism to the patriarchy to racial violence and police brutality, Islamophobia, and anti-immigrant policies. This collection, with nuance and sophistication, connects these topics to white supremacy—arguing that it is perhaps the most dominant ideology in the history of the United States.


A leading expert in the white power movement, Kathleen Belew hopes that understanding the history of organized hate could have “a utility in confronting the present and imagining a different future.” Jelani Cobb, staff writer at the New Yorker and professor at Columbia University, writes: “A Field Guide to White Supremacy is as urgent an intervention as the problem it addresses. Incisive, erudite, and driven by a relentlessly democratic ethic, these essays are crucial to understanding a cruel, metastatic doctrine that looms among our most pressing national concerns.”


A Field Guide to White Supremacy is out today and available everywhere you buy books.


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