cybersecurity | March 21, 2018

Cybersecurity Expert Laura Galante Tells Us How to Secure Our Digital Space in an Era of Weaponized Information

Investigations into Facebook’s mishandling of users’ data—which The New York Times reports as having already cost the company $50 billion—is shifting the way we think about digital security. In an age when every byte of information we share is for sale, cybersecurity analyst and speaker LAURA GALANTE’s timely and crucial talks teach audiences how to increase cyberfluency in the face of hidden — and in the case of Facebook — not-so-hidden threats to our privacy.

Currently a leading cybersecurity analyst and the former Director of Global Intelligence at FireEye Cybersecurity, Laura Galante offers lucid, big-picture insights into the way information can be used and misused online to shape our behaviour. In her keynotes, Galante decodes the digital landscape for us, laying the foundations for our own vital cyber-literacy. Stories about hacking, fake news, leaked emails, and rigged elections demonstrate just how susceptible a nation’s democracy is to external manipulations (as she describes in her recent TED Talk below). How can we protect our own personal borders in an era when social media can create information warfare? With clear examples and empirical directives, Galante explains how we can protect our lives online, and our minds offline.

How (and why) Russia hacked the US election | Laura Galante


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