psychology | September 21, 2021

The End of Bias: Lavin Welcomes Science Journalist Jessica Nordell

We see the detrimental effects of unconscious bias and discrimination everywhere: in our schools, our workplaces, our hospitals, and beyond. Yet change is possible, says acclaimed science journalist Jessica Nordell. In her debut book The End of Bias, Lavin’s newest speaker shows us the science-based approach for uprooting our deepest prejudices.

Unconscious bias is the persistent, unintentional, and prejudiced behavior that clashes with our consciously held beliefs. Try as we might to build healthy and diverse organizations—if we don’t do the deep work of overcoming our biases first, we’re doomed to repeat past mistakes. Thankfully, Jessica Nordell’s brilliant book goes beyond lip-service, providing concrete steps for eliminating bias and helping audiences across all industries create more equitable teams, organizations, and communities. Captivating and direct, Nordell offers a combination of state-of-the-art science and real-world stories to facilitate lasting and meaningful transformations.


“Despite revolutions in our understanding of bias, we’re still much better at documenting the problem than solving it. When it comes to prevention and cure, Jessica Nordell’s powerful book is a breakthrough,” declares Adam Grant, the bestselling author of Think Again and host of the TED podcast WorkLife.


The End of Bias is available everywhere you buy books today.

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