lavin + wired | February 08, 2019

Plan the Conference of the Future with Lavin + WIRED: A New, Exclusive Partnership

From ethics to innovation, culture to business, WIRED offers grounded, deeply-reported coverage of how technology will impact our jobs, our economy, our politics, and our lives. They provide the most essential information to help people set the smartest course for their future—mirroring our own mandate to make the world a smarter place. That's why we're proud to announce an exclusive partnership with WIRED.

Between WIRED's 62 million cross-platform consumers, and Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson's nearly 1.5 million social media followers, WIRED has established itself as the most trusted counsel on digital disruption; combined with Lavin's decades of expertise in hand-selecting incredible speakers, we can curate the most cutting-edge, fully customized conferences—keynotes, digital content, social assets, post-event newsletters and more—that will give your attendees the tools to thrive in the future of your industry.


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