ted speakers | April 24, 2017

LAVIN x TED2017: Meet the Talent Taking the Stage

The 2017 TED Conference is kicking off today in Vancouver, and nine members (comprising six mainstage presenters and TED Fellows) of the Lavin brain trust are there to speak in a diverse set of sessions that all center around the theme of this year’s conference: The Future You. Meet the people taking their timely messages west.

Monday April 24


Session 1: One Move Ahead


Anab Jain: Jain parses uncertainties around our shared futures to create provocative experiences, tools and tactics that we can adopt today. Jain is also the co-founder of Superflux, a consultancy and a lab that operates in the realm of emerging technologies for business, cultural, and social purposes. It’s a future-facing company, and it’s making big waves. 

Anab Jain: Designing the Future


Titus Kaphar:  Kaphar's artworks interact with the history of art by appropriating its styles and
mediums. Working from personal history toward a wider lens—revealing the historically marginalized and erased—he exposes racism, inequality, and a criminal justice system that is anything but just.

The Making Of The Ferguson Portrait | TIME

Tuesday April 25


Session 3: The Human Response 


Martin Ford: Ford imagines what the accelerating progress in robotics and artificial intelligence may mean for the economy, job market and society of the future. In his book Rise of the Robots, Ford looks at how the accelerating pace of new technologies will change, for better and worse, the economy, the job market, the education system, and society at large. 


Automation Nation: Will Robots Take Our Jobs?

Thursday, April 27

Session 9: It's Personal 

Susan Pinker: Pinker reveals how in-person social interactions are not only necessary for human happiness but also could be a key to health and longevity. Whether writing on gender differences, as in The Sexual Paradox, or on why face-to-face contact should be a priority, as in The Village Effect, Pinker’s evidence-based insights help us improve the ways we work, play, and relate to each other. 
Susan Pinker: Face-to-Face vs. Online Communication

Adam AlterWhat makes us incessantly check our phones? Alter dives into the fascinating psychology that drives our tech addictions. In his new book, Irresistible, he explores how tech companies and marketers design games, apps, and experiences with predictable human psychology in mind—and how you can direct, and command, attention.

Adam Alter: Why Gambling is So Much Fun

Friday, April 28

Session 11: The Future Us 

Emily Esfahani Smith: In her book The Power of Meaning, Esfahani Smith rounds up the latest research—and the words of great thinkers across generations—to argue that the search for meaning is far more fulfilling than the pursuit of personal happiness.

Emily Esfahani Smith,


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