leadership | November 05, 2012

Leadership in a Connected Culture: Conference Speaker John Maeda [VIDEO]

As part of the GigaOM RoadMap: Design in the Age of Connectedness event, conference speaker John Maeda gave a keynote about the "important vectors of design, leadership and connected culture." Maeda is the President of the Rhode Island School of Design and works to humanize technology. Currently, Maeda is focusing on the intersection of design and technology and how the two disciplines can be used in conjunction with social media to better organize leadership in an organization. At the conference, he explained how digital connectedness has changed leadership styles, and how we can capitalize on these changes by using new technologies and design ideas. He explains how companies pinpoint the way that leadership is being reimagined so they can adapt to to the changes going on around them.

In his speeches, Maeda is funny yet insightful. His talks are wildly entertaining, and help audiences discover the myriad of ways that technology and design are reshaping our society. If you weren't able to attend, check out his recent TED talk (where he discusses similar themes) here, or, in the video above!