u.s. politics | May 31, 2018

Mark Leibovich—the Chronicler of Washington Mayhem—Profiles the New White House Press Secretary

Mark Leibovich is the author of This Town, the #1 bestseller that revealed the near-surreal excess, insecurity, and egotism that really runs Washington. In his latest for The New York Times Magazine, the seasoned journalist applies his gift for parsing humanity from the absurd in a profile of Hogan Gidley, the most recent contender to take on the role of White House Deputy Press Secretary. 

“To speak for any White House is a delicate exercise even in the best of circumstances,” says Leibovich. “But speaking for President Donald J. Trump presents a particular set of challenges … the job inevitably carries significant risk for the spokesperson’s own reputation.” So who, after so many have fallen, would take on this role? Leibovich’s fascinating story probes everything from Hogan Gidley’s schedule, to his politics, to his favorites moments at work, ultimately revealing what it really takes to stay in the president’s inner circle, and securing Leibovich’s place as the chronicler of the madcap cast running Washington—

and the world—right now.   


Mark Leibovich is one of the country’s most respected journalists. His upcoming book Big Game, out September 2018, is a chronicle of “peak football”—the high point of the sport’s economic and cultural dominance, but also, when the sport’s dark side started to show. To book him for your next event, contact The Lavin Agency

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