new speaker | August 26, 2022

The Science of Making People Happier: Lavin Welcomes Martin Seligman, Father of Positive Psychology

20 years ago, almost no one believed that happiness could be scientifically measured and improved. Psychology was mainly used to repair mental and emotional damage, helping people get back to being okay. Dr. Martin Seligman changed that. He founded the revolutionary science of positive psychology, becoming the single most influential psychologist of the past 20 years. He uses empirically tested strategies to foster flourishing, engagement, health, and happiness—based on his belief that psychology is for everyone, including people who think they don’t need it.

Martin's forthcoming co-authored book, Tomorrowmind: Thriving at Work—Now and in an Uncertain Future, builds on his two decades of work proving that happiness can be learned. He’s shown that developing skills that promote wellbeing leads to increased functioning, achievement, and productivity. He says that at work and in life, we can do better than just "okay"—we can learn how to flourish and thrive under any circumstances.

Whether you’re looking to improve your organization’s productivity and collaboration, or trying to get out of a pandemic-induced funk, Martin will teach you how to lean into your strengths, develop your creativity, and get happier. "Every human being can say yes to more flourishing," Martin says, "and that is the hope for our future.”


Watch Martin’s TED Talk here:


The new era of positive psychology | Martin Seligman

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