television | March 02, 2011

May the Best Idea Win: Trendhunter's Jeremy Gutsche Joins "The Pitch" on BNN

World renowned trend hunter and innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche is now a judge on BNN’s new show, The Pitch, which gives two aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to the panel, who in turn give the entrepreneurs the advice they need to become successful. (Jeremy’s many speaking commitments keeps him from being a full time panelist, but he’s on as often as his schedule allows.)

From BNN’s The Pitch:
During the program, start-up entrepreneurs or companies seeking to take their business to the next level will sell their business idea - and the amount of cash needed - to a panel of tough financiers and experts.  The panelists will either give the pitch the green light or send the dreamers back to the drawing board. And it’s 100% live, giving viewers a chance to see how the entrepreneurs perform in a high-pressure atmosphere.
At, Gutsche and his team sift through hundreds of ideas and trends a day, posting the best ones on their influential website, which receives an astonishing 35,000,000 views a month, making it the largest trendhunting and innovation community in the world.

You can watch Jeremy Gutsche on The Pitch Wednesdays at 11:30 a.m. ET on BNN.

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