business strategy | June 06, 2019

Meltdown Wins National Business Book Award—and Proves That We Can Avoid Catastrophe

Disasters seem to just happen, but in Chris Clearfield and András Tilcsik’s National Business Book Award-winning Meltdown, the two authors, professors, and Lavin speakers prove that catastrophic failures—from a email reply-all disaster to a car crash—are more avoidable than we think.  

A former derivatives trader, Chris Clearfield had a front row seat to the 2008 financial crisis, and he saw how many companies were unprepared to deal with what became a global catastrophe. Why were some organizations more capable of managing complexity when others collapse? Together, Clearfield and co-author András Tilcsik investigated and mapped out paths to safety when our systems fail—and the award-winning Meltdown is the result. In their fascinating talks, Clearfield and Tilcsik share insights from years of research on why some teams, organizations, and individuals succeed despite challenges while others fail—and fail hard. Funny and evocative, they will provide you with practical tools and approaches drawn from a variety of examples, from drama-free Thanksgiving dinners and successful business initiatives, to the small changes that made climbing Mount Everest safer than ever before (despite endless line-ups to the summit). 



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