innovation | January 18, 2019

New Lavin Speaker Charles Fishman Explains What We Can Learn from Some of the Biggest, Most Innovative Projects in History

Charles Fishman is a world-class storyteller. He’s spent his career getting inside organizations—big and small, familiar and unknown—and explaining how they work. In his New York Times bestselling The Wal-Mart Effect, Fishman transformed the public’s understanding of the mega-corporation. In The Big Thirst, he cracked open our complex relationship with water. His latest, the forthcoming One Giant Leap tells the story of the moon landing like its never been told before, focusing on the extraordinary team of ordinary people who made it happen. 

Fishman—a three-time winner of the prestigious Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism—is a renowned investigative and explanatory journalist. His talks, filled with memorable stories and anecdotes, draw from years of his original research. In his TED talk below, he explains why asking questions is one of our most underrated tools.   


Cracking Open the World with a Silly Question | Charles Fishman | TEDxUCCS


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