science | September 25, 2018

Getting Curious with New Speaker, Scientist and Former Daily Planet Co-Host Dan Riskin

To evolutionary biologist, TV host, and bestselling author Dan Riskin, picking his scientific focus was easy. “I had a crush on bats,” he says. “I thought they were cute!” Maybe you don’t share the sentiment, but there’s a strong chance that you feel passionate about something, and that passion can motivate you to expertise: in the sciences, education, or the action items of your 9-to-5. 

Whether he’s explaining how nature is both a source of terror and beauty (as in the talk based on his bestselling book Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You), or how curiosity is a skill that can be fortified by stoking “childlike passion,” Dan Riskin is a speaker who gives audiences so much more than scientific “wow” facts. His talks will help you see your tastes, your interests, and all the things you find extraordinary, as sources of inspiration in your life. Passionate curiosity isn’t something bequeathed from on high—it’s in you to find, not unlike a wrinkle-faced bat, tucked away in a Venezuelan rainforest. 


A charismatic speaker, Riskin will encourage you to nourish your own “crush” through curiosity and study—and to never apologize for it.    


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