politics & society | January 04, 2022

New Speaker Stephen Marche Imagines America’s Political Future in The Next Civil War

The United States shows all the warning signs of an impending collapse. What are the risks that lie ahead? And how might we stop such a disaster from occurring? Author and new Lavin speaker Stephen Marche considers the possibilities in his new book The Next Civil War—out today! 

David Wallace-Wells’ 2019 book The Uninhabitable Earth described a future world ravaged by climate change. Much in the same vein, Stephen Marche’s The Next Civil War offers readers a glimpse into a political future that is just as chaotic, unpredictable, and unfortunately, entirely possible. “The citizens of the United States are losing faith in the validity of their institutions and their founding myths,” writes Marche in The Washington Post. “In the place of solidarity, a vast and powerful anger is building, a rage that increasingly expresses itself directly in violence like the riots we witnessed a year ago at the U.S. Capitol.”


The Next Civil War imagines what America might look like if this simmering rage is allowed to continue unchecked. “Well researched and eloquently presented,” (The Atlantic) Marche’s fiction is supported by the testimony of experts ranging from military leaders and law enforcement to political scientists and war historians.


Anyone interested in the future of America’s government and democracy can pick up a copy of The Next Civil War anywhere you buy books.

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