entrepreneurship | August 31, 2015

New Video Showcases Jessica Jackley’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Jessica Jackley—Kiva co-founder and author of Clay Water Brick—stopped by the University of Pennsylvania as an [email protected] guest lecturer. In this video interview (and podcast!), titled “Entrepreneurs Doing the Most with the Least,” Jackley shares her entrepreneurial journey, and, “more importantly ... the incredible insight and wisdom that [she] encountered in unexpected entrepreneurs along the way.”

Throughout, Jackley also describes the inspiring origins of Kiva, the future of microfinance lending, the special relationships she’s forged with entrepreneurs in disadvantaged nations, and her take on the entrepreneurial spirit:

When I got to get out into the world and travel and work a lot with entrepreneurs—[often] in developing countries and communities that were socioeconomically disadvantaged—I would meet these incredible people doing really important work despite the fact that they had very little education or very few resources [and] often no connections to anybody in a powerful position. They lacked or had lost a lot, but they were incredibly wise, incredibly clear thinkers, intelligent people doing incredible things. I find their stories the most motivating and empowering and inspiring of any other entrepreneurial stories that I’ve encountered.

Bright, energetic, and unapologetically optimistic about the power of business to change the world, Jackley offers a refreshing keynote speech relevant to any company, from not-for-profits to Fortune 100s. To book Jessica Jackley for your next event, contact The Lavin Agency speakers bureau.