technology | April 16, 2019

Nicholas Thompson’s WIRED Cover Story on What Happened When Zuckerburg Set Out to “Fix” Facebook

WIRED Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson is the go-to authority on the world’s most important story—how science and tech are changing our lives. His most recent cover story details the scandals, backstabbing, resignations, reboots, record profits and time bombs that characterized Facebook’s 2018—“it’s ultimately a story about the biggest shifts ever to take place inside the world’s biggest social network.” 

For Facebook, 2018 was a year “marked by internal dissent, blistering external criticism, genuine efforts at reform, and foolish mistakes … this is the story of that annus horribilis, based on interviews with 65 current and former employees.”


Watch Thompson discuss the origins of his investigation into Facebook, and why the topic is such a crucial one. 

How Does Facebook Affect “Outrage Culture”? | Nicholas Thompson


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