technology | December 14, 2017

Among the “Top Influencers” on LinkedIn for 2017 Is Nicholas Thompson, Editor-in-Chief of Wired

LinkedIn’s Top Voices: Influencers are those who are “curating what you need to know to stay ahead when it comes to understanding the world and your career.” This year, Wired editor-in-chief, Nicholas Thompson made the list (alongside Canadian superstar Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and GE Vice Chair Beth Comstock) garnering more meaningful engagement than the nearly 500 million other users on the site.

Thompson created a daily video series specifically for LinkedIn, in which he highlights the most interesting tech stories of the day, from the recent fight between Amazon and Google, to the below video about Elon Musk announcing his AI optimized chip. The videos generate regular, high-quality discussion about the tech world from some of its most prominent members. 



Nick Thompson is one of the world’s leading authories on how technology is changing the world. To book him, or another accomplished tech speaker, such as Ajay Agrawal, contact The Lavin Agency. 

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