innovation | October 24, 2018

The Icons & Ideas Making the World WIRED: EIC Nicholas Thompson’s Summit Celebrates the Magazine’s Past, Present & Future

The four-day summit, named WIRED25, was a celebration of the ideas, innovations, and icons that made the world wired. In addition to work immersions, keynotes, and even a robot petting zoo, editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson, conducted thoughtful, illuminating interviews with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, Stripe CEO Patrick Collison, and Stacy Brown-Philpot of TaskRabbit, about the future of work.

In the interview below, Thompson asks the LinkedIn CEO, who has access to the best data set on the world’s workforce, what he knows about the future of work that no one else does. One surprising answer (among many) is that he believes the biggest skills gap in the US is soft skills. “Written communication, oral communication, team building, people leadership, collaboration.”



You can watch and read more WIRED25 content here


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