new book | November 30, 2022

AI, Mental Health, and Human Connection: Fresh Ideas This November from Lavin Speakers

Whether you’re looking to get ahead of the Artificial Intelligence revolution, boost your mental fitness, get inspired, or build a more human future, Lavin’s speakers can help you get a leg up this November. This month, four of our speakers released books on topics ranging from human connection to AI, and from mental health to creativity. If you’re looking for a book that inspires you towards growth and learning, or one that reveals the practical implications and opportunities around us, check out one of the crucial new books below.

Patti Smith’s A Book of Days 

“By turns intimate, humorous, and insightful, both visually impactful and lyrically moving.”


Called the “high priestess of punk-poetry,” Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Patti Smith is a visionary artist and musician, as well as a National Book Award-winning author. A Book of Days, her latest New York Times bestseller, brings together her creative gifts in 366 stunning photographs and lyrical captions. It offers us a glimpse into the creative processes of one of our most legendary artists as she explores birth, death, and the everyday. “Part calendar, part memoir, and part cultural record, the book serves as a rich exploration of the author’s fascinating mind” (Kirkus).


David Sax’s The Future is Analog

“David Sax convincingly argues that a meaningful life requires messy, wonderful, analog connections with the world around us.”

— - Cal Newport, New York Times bestselling author of Digital Minimalism

We’ve been told that the future is digital. But living in a digital world for the past few years has us craving real, analog experiences again. In his new book The Future is Analog, bestselling author David Sax argues that we can reject the downsides of technology while still embracing change, and build a future where digital tools enhance our analog lives. He shows us how to leverage the power of a core analog experience for better customer relationships, stronger teams, and a more human world.


Ajay Agrawal’s Power and Prediction

“This is the best book yet that considers what Artificial Intelligence will mean for all who participate in our economy.”

— - Lawrence H. Summers, former Harvard president and World Bank chief economist

Artificial Intelligence isn’t coming to disrupt everything—it’s already here. Economist Ajay Agrawal says we can turn this disruption into opportunity, but we have to start right now. As the co-author of Power and Prediction and the founder of the Creative Destruction Lab (which boasts the greatest concentration of AI start-ups of any program in the world), Ajay argues that AI’s prediction capabilities hold great promise for people in all industries, and he can show you how to take advantage of the AI revolution now.


Lori Gottlieb’s Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: The Journal

“Saturated with self-awareness and compassion, this is an irresistibly addictive tour of the human condition.”

Kirkus, on Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

In her book Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, named one of TIME’s Must-Read Books of the Year, therapist Lori Gottlieb pulled back the curtain on the world of therapy, showing us how to rewrite the stories we tell ourselves in order to get unstuck. Now, in her new journal companion to the instant New York Times bestseller, Lori offers 52 weekly thought-provoking journal prompts modeled after therapy sessions to help you transform your life and set you on a “path to meaningful and lasting change.”

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