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If your business strategy revolves around hiring the most talented people, you’re doing it wrong, says psychologist and former NFL player Dr. Danny Southwick. You can motivate people to persevere and reach lofty goals simply by changing the language you use around their skills.
With every industry—including Hollywood—in a massive state of flux, how do leaders get (and stay) ahead? As one of Hollywood’s most prolific female producers ever, Lynda knows the surefire way to establish authority, the trick to balancing huge creative and financial pressures, and why you should never look nervous in public.
Time management isn’t about packing your schedule full of commitments or desperately trying to “make time” for what’s important, says star UCLA professor Cassie Holmes. It’s about investing the time you do have in the things that actually matter.
In an age of rapid automation and innovation, creativity is the only thing that sets successful organizations apart from the rest. These speakers illuminate the many different facets of creativity—they explain why you should never sit down and try to be creative, why your most creative ideas come after you get stuck, and much more.
With the effects of the climate crisis starker than they’ve ever been, how do we wrestle through the anxiety and take action to save our planet? David Wallace-Wells and Britt Wray offer clear-eyed and hopeful perspectives on how we can push through the fear to find action, solidarity, and hope.
Co-founder of the Trans Week of Visibility and Action and former executive editor of Out magazine, Raquel shows how we can use our diverse talents and experiences to build solidarity in our fight for social justice.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a legacy company or a startup of five, says Michelle, the founder and CEO of Obsidian Strategies—any organization can follow a 7-step process to unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence and unlock your competitive advantage.
At the Cirque du Soleil, one of the world’s most famously creative companies, Caitlan worked on almost every groundbreaking show for two fast-paced decades. Now she shows you how to learn the skill of creativity—and unlock radical innovation and teamwork.
Congratulations to Lavin speaker Daron Acemoglu, one of the 10 most cited economists in the world, on the release of his new book Power and Progress: a hopeful look at the future of technology and democracy.
Everyone feels stuck, whether you’re wrestling through a difficult project or trying to mend a friendship. “People believe that stuckness is inevitable,” says Adam Alter, whose new book Anatomy of a Breakthrough is out today. “And it is—but it turns out to be surmountable.”

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