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A graphic of AI policy speaker Nita Farahany. The text reads, "Top 10 AI Speakers: Nita Farahany. Author of The Battle for Your Brain, Director of the Duke Initiative for Science & Society."
What if you could monitor how focused you are throughout the day? Or retrain your brain to treat depression? “Today, we know and track virtually nothing that’s happening in our own brains,” says AI policy speaker Nita Farahany. “But in a future that is coming much faster than you realize, all of that is about to change.”
We often think that you can either have a growth mindset (the idea that you can improve your skill) or a fixed mindset (the idea that you can’t). But we actually have both mindsets within us. Lavin’s proud to welcome our new exclusive speaker Dr. Mary Murphy, author of Cultures of Growth.
If you’re still thinking of ChatGPT as a simple tool for productivity, you’re thinking too small, says AI innovation speaker Radhika Dirks, one of Forbes’s 30 Women in AI to Watch. The power of generative AI has brought our wildest and most ambitious moonshots—projects that used to take decades and billions of dollars to accomplish—within reach.
“We are at a crucial inflection point where the power of AI is beginning to outpace our ability to understand its far-ranging impacts,” says Kate Crawford, author of Atlas of AI and one of the TIME100 AI. She demystifies the inner workings of AI, and helps us use these tools to build a more just and democratic world.
Generative AI has already revolutionized how we work, how we live, and even what it means to be human. And we’re just at the beginning. Nicholas Thompson is the expert that top business leaders turn to when they need to know what this breakneck advancement means for them and how to leverage it for competitive gain.
Artificial Intelligence is disrupting our entire economy, which means that smart companies have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to consolidate power today, says AI leadership speaker Ajay Agrawal. As the founder of the Creative Destruction Lab, the largest incubator of AI startups on the planet, Ajay shows leaders like you practical ways to get ahead—and stay ahead—in the AI future.
Empathy is a vital ingredient for thriving workplaces and for successful Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives, says Jamil Zaki, director of Stanford’s Social Neuroscience Lab. Drawing on his original research on the science of empathy, Jamil shows how you can learn this “soft skill” just like you’d learn a hard skill like coding: through practice, experience, and collaboration.
Generative AI is already changing the way we think about work, the economy, investments, education, and society at large. It promises to be more disruptive than the internet itself. Lavin has been exploring the potential of AI for years, and we are proud to share the insights of our leading thinkers.
In the pursuit of equality, a growing number of people have begun to define themselves in terms of their group identities, like race or gender. But Lavin’s Yascha Mounk says that’s actually counterproductive to our goal. In his new book, The Identity Trap, he shows us how to escape the trap and find solidarity.
If you feel like everything that used to be familiar is now slightly wrong, you’re not alone. Naomi Klein, internationally bestselling author of No Logo and The Shock Doctrine, tackles this “Mirror World” in her new book. Doppelganger is a blend of personal memoir and social analysis that Publishers Weekly calls “a definitive signpost of the times.”

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