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Congratulations to Lavin speaker Hua Hsu for winning the 2023 Pulitzer Prize in Memoir or Autobiography for the memoir that catapulted him to literary stardom, Stay True.
Artificial Intelligence is changing everything: from our work to our politics to even our novels, and far beyond. Lavin’s Kate Crawford and Stephen Marche are making headlines everywhere from The New York Times to MSNBC for their sharp and prescient discussion of the biggest questions of our day.
If you want to develop resilience, innovation, and powerful leadership, you need to start by leading yourself. Lavin’s Ethan Kross is an expert on turning your inner voice into your greatest tool, and his work has caught fire in the corporate world. He’ll show you what he’s already shown C-suites across America: how to unleash your inner Ted Lasso.
Every leader needs to know not only what Artificial Intelligence can do for their company, but also how to actually implement it. As tech leaders and CEOs, Justin Reilly and Radhika Dirks are spearheading company-wide AI strategies that take advantage of the meteoric rise of generative AI technologies like ChatGPT—and they’ll show you how to do it too.
A bestselling author and one of Lavin’s most-requested speakers, Doug has a uniquely prescient view of how whip-fast advancements in Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize everything about your brand and how you can maintain a competitive edge in the age of ChatGPT.
Eddie is a director and producer, celebrity chef, and the New York Times bestselling author of the memoir Fresh Off the Boat, which was adapted into the longest-running Asian American sitcom ever. He shows us how to achieve success by cultivating discipline and staying true to ourselves.
In just one generation, the world of young adulthood has changed drastically. As a world-renowned developmental psychologist and the author of the first (and only) comprehensive guide for parents of adult children, Laurence shows leaders, parents, and children how to communicate across generations.
In her memoir What Looks Like Bravery, Laurel explores how we can navigate disruption and come out stronger on the other side. Rebecca Skloot, bestselling author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, calls it “a life-changing lesson in healing from loss and trauma and a master class in resilience.”
This past weekend, several of our top speakers spoke at SXSW, an annual conference dedicated to bringing diverse topics and people together. Our speakers talked about a variety of hot topics in the world, like the rise of AI and what it means for our businesses and personal lives, or how through racial justice we can create a future where…
Juneteenth is the new federal holiday that marks the end of slavery. On June 19, we celebrate the strides we’ve made towards racial justice. We’re proud to represent many leading speakers who illuminate the history of this celebration, celebrate the resilience of Black communities, and help us build a better future.

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