motivational | August 29, 2017

Watch These Videos on Getting—and Staying—Motivated from These 5 Uplifting Speakers

Momentum is easy to keep up when the coast is clear and the slope inclined in your favor. But what about when good fortune flags and fatigue sets in? As the summer holidays yield to first days of school and fiscal planning, we’ve put together a sampler of speakers who each approach the question of motivation in creative, heartfelt and practical ways. 

Daniel Lerner: Instructor of NYU’s “The Science of Happiness | Author of U Thrive
Daniel Lerner: Do What You Love. You’ll Achieve More.

Daniel Lerner is at once affable and serious-minded, so it makes sense that his standing-O keynotes combine a perfect mix of kindness and realism. As he explains in this clip, it’s one thing to work 100 hours a week, but the way we can push ourselves to that level of commitment is by prioritizing our relationships—family and friends. Put them first, says Lerner, and we’re more likely to thrive. 

Yvonne Camus: Expert on Grit and Performance | Participant in Mark Burnett’s Eco-Challenge
Yvonne Camus: How To React When—Not If—Things Go Wrong
As the sole female member of the rookie Canadian Eco-Challenge team, Yvonne Camus is pure, world-class grit. As she describes in this video, motivation can dissolve when collaborative teams react personally when things go wrong. “Criticism is a bad way of making a suggestion,” she says, which any of us in an office setting can learn from. Instead, we have to figure out how to make new suggestions, rather than arguing. Not only will people become more engaged and motivated, they’ll also solve the problem. 
Bill Strickland: CEO of Manchester Bidwell | Business & Community Leader
Bill Strickland: Leadership, Business and Social Change
As president and CEO of the Manchester Bidwell Corporation—an extraordinary jobs training center and community arts program—Bill Strickland and his staff work with corporations, community leaders, and schools to give disadvantaged kids and adults the opportunities they need to build a better future. In this moving video, Strickland outlines the heart behind his incredible deeds, reminding all of us that “It is all in the way you treat people that drives performance and behavior.” 
Emily Esfahani Smith: Author of The Power of Meaning | TED2017 Speaker
The Power of Meaning | Emily Esfahani Smith
Is a happy life the same as a meaningful one? According to writer Emily Esfahani Smith, it’s not. Meaning is defined by “connecting and contributing to something that lies beyond the self.” Stress, hard work, effort in the long-term—these are all markers of the pursuit of meaning. Engaging in these pursuits brings fulfillment, says Esfahani Smith. Less fleeting, with the promise of deeper connection to ourselves and others, meaning elevates our existence to something beyond happiness.
Drew Dudley: Founder of One Day Leadership | TED Speaker
Drew Dudley: The Power of “Lollipop Moments”


Not all of us are leaders, but an important aspect of motivation is knowing when to encourage those who are. “Leadership recognized is leadership created,” says Drew Dudley, a speaker who continually brings audiences to their feet with his energetic and practical talks about mutual motivation. “Lollipop moments,” as he calls them, can be a small gesture or sentiment that helps someone see that the steps they’re taking are really worth something—and there is nothing more galvanizing than that. 


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