science | September 15, 2013

Picks Of The Week: Two Great Talks From Lavin's Science Speakers

One of the best parts of working at The Lavin Agency is watching inspirational keynote speeches by the world's most original movers and shakers. Every week, we'll focus on a few of the great talks that our speakers have given. And, we'll discuss the key takeaways that make our speakers great picks for speaker buyers and meeting planners in a wide array of industries. We've chosen to spotlight two of our science speakers, Janna Levin and Carl Schoonover, for our first edition of "Picks of the Week."

First up is the Cosmologist and author Janna Levin. Her enrapturing talk at The Moth is proof that science isn't boring and scientists aren't always dull. (You can also check out her TED Talk here). Her command of language and storytelling is rivalled only by her ability to make the complex scientific theories she works with accessible and enjoyable. In this talk, she intertwines stories of human nature and experience with explanations of the cosmos to show us that we are all a part of this world. That, and how sweeping questions about life and the universe directly affect us all whether we are conscious of it or not. Levin's talks are enjoyed by scientists and non-scientists alike; she appeals to audiences who yearn to understand the complex cosmos, and, those who simply enjoy hearing an engaging storyteller discuss intriguing theories about our world

Above: Here's Janna Levin presenting her talk "Life on a Möbius Strip" at an event presented by The Moth and The World Science Festival.

Carl Schoonover is fascinated by the way the brain works, and, in his TED Talk, he shows us what makes this vital organ so compelling to study. While there have been extraordinary advances in understanding the brain, few people outside of the neurological community have seen the results of studying the neurons within this complex nervous system. Schoonover wants to change all that. Using breathtaking images of the brain ranging from medieval sketches and intricate drawings by groundbreaking scientists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Santiago Ramón y Cajal, to the exquisite architectures revealed through the use of cutting edge biotechnology and imaging, he takes us inside this fascinating organ. By showing us the tools used to study our mind, Schoonover has provided us with radically new ways of seeing and interpreting our brains—and by extension ourselves.

Above: Schoonover, a neuroscientist at Columbia University, gives an intriguing talk about studying the brain at TED.

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