artificial intelligence | April 17, 2018

AI is the Business Opportunity of a Lifetime. Economist Ajay Agrawal’s Prediction Machines is a Guide for How to Harness It.

Ajay Agrawal is the founder of the Creative Destruction Lab, home to the greatest concentration of Artificial Intelligence start-ups on the planet. His highly anticipated book Prediction Machines (out today) explains why AI is actually a once-in-a-generation opportunity, and how businesses—of any size, in any industry—can optimize for it. 

“AI actually means something. It’s not just pixie dust that everyone wants to spread on stuff,” said Agrawal at the NextAI 2017 accelerator. “It means is that a company will put prediction accuracy as its foremost goal, at the expense of everything else.” This is a sea change for every industry, and Agrawal is at the very frontier of it. 


NextAI Venture Day 2017 - Ajay Agrawal


Prediction Machines, described by  former US treasury secretary Lawrence Summers as “the best book yet on what may be the best technology that has come along,” is out today. Contact The Lavin Agency for booking information.

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