arts & pop culture | October 04, 2016

"Put regular folks on TV, tell interesting stories”: Rick Mercer Report Returns Tonight

Canada’s favourite comic—the one-of-a-kind Rick Mercer—returns to CBC tonight (Oct 4) for the fourteenth season of perennial standout the Rick Mercer Report. Check out the trailer below.



Mercer, one of Canada’s sharpest political satirists, also dropped by CBC Radio’s Metro Morning to discuss RMR’s longstanding success. He sums it up best himself: 


We’ll do tonight what we started out doing fourteen seasons ago—that’s to take one part of the country, show another part of the country, put regular folks on television, tell interesting stories, and just be unapologetically Canadian.


Undoubtedly, the long-running Canadian institution will once again remind us all what a vibrant, diverse, and fascinating country we live in.


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