economics | March 15, 2019

Forbes editor Randall Lane Reimagines Capitalism in His “Billionaires” Cover Story

“For the past year I’ve had one-on-one discussions with no fewer than two dozen billionaires, including face-to-face meetings with the three richest people in the world—Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet—touching on various aspects of capitalism’s future,” says Forbes editor Randall Lane in his latest feature. “Among Millennials and Gen Z, free market skepticism is the majority view,” which begs the provocative question, should we have billionaires?    

The story is the cover of Forbes’ “Billionaires” issue, which profiles the richest people in the world, breaking them down by age, gender, country and more, and organizing that data so that readers get the fullest picture of where, and to whom, super wealth is distributed around the world.


In his illuminating and info-packed talk based on the article, Lane asks how we can fix a system intended to unite that continues to divide? And how can we move into the future and make the changes necessary to fuel a more stable economy?


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