social change | November 13, 2018

Reducing Prejudice Requires Meaningful Conversation—but the Results Speak for Themselves, Says Dave Fleischer

Prejudice divides us, and to Lavin speaker Dave Fleischer, Director of the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Leadership LAB, dismantling it is nothing less than a science. “Deep canvassing”—a method refined by Fleischer and his team—means knocking on doors to engage people in fact-based, personal conversations about subjects like gay marriage and transgender rights. The effect is tangible: real, data-verified change tracked in over 15,000 conversations.  

In his warm and optimistic keynotes, Fleischer teaches audiences the method he created for empirically reducing prejudice, including around trans rights, which recently came under further attack as the Trump administration proposed a new plan to “[define] gender as a biological, immutable condition.” In talks, he’ll explain why people welcome the opportunity to reflect on an issue, even if they’ve already “made up their mind” about it, and how 10 minutes of intentional conversation can generate authentic shifts in belief. Persuasion is not as simple as delivering a message, he says. You have to create a two-way dialogue, and Fleischer will show you how.


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