psychology | February 22, 2018

“An intellectually exhilarating book.” Raves Pour In For Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now, His Masterpiece on Human Progress

Compelling speaker, bestselling author, and Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker has already received the ultimate book review from Bill Gates: “It’s my new favorite book of all time.” Now, a week after the publication of Enlightenment Now—a masterfully argued and timely defense of reason, science and humanism in the face of tribalism, authoritarianism, and demonization—a fresh wave of positive reviews have rolled in.

Enlightenment Now is a bold, wonderfully expansive and occasionally irate defense of scientific rationality and liberal humanism.”—The Guardian


Enlightenment Now offers up important ideas about not only the world itself, but also in how we make it our own.”—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


“The appeal of regressive ideas is perennial, and the case for reason, science, humanism, and progress always has to be made, Pinker concludes. That is exactly what he has achieved in this intellectually exhilarating book.”—Reason Magazine


“This is an important and timely book.”—Times Literary Supplement


"It would be hard to imagine a more encouraging defense than Pinker’s of the reality and possibilities of progress."—Harvard Magazine


Steven Pinker’s book Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress is available now wherever book are sold. To learn more about Steven Pinker, or another speaker on psychology, optimism, or society, contact The Lavin Agency.


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