celebrities | February 03, 2013

Rick Mercer: Why He Loves His Job & Being A Political Satirist [VIDEO]

"I would be a fool not to be excited to go to work everyday," Rick Mercer says in a new interview. "I get to do all the things I like doing, and thankfully, there's an audience for that." Mercer recently spoke at the CBC Winter 2013 Season Preview, where he shared his thoughts on what makes working on The Rick Mercer Report so great, and what to expect in the coming season. As he says, a lot of the show is spontaneous and he never knows what to expect from one episode to the next. While they have an idea in mind when they start filming, sometimes plans can change at a moments notice and they'll have to rework an idea on the fly. The unique brand of humor-meets-commentary he employs on the show has earned him over 25 Gemini Awards and the respect of the nation.

Equally as popular on the speaking circuit as he is in the television industry, Mercer is one of the most highly sought after keynote speakers in the country. He is also the author of three bestsellers: Streeters, The Rick Mercer Report: The Book, and 2012's A Nation Worth Ranting About. No matter the medium, Mercer commands attention like few can. His talks are as funny as they are insightful and his subject matter leaves audiences questioning—and appreciating—all that's great and irreverent about the nation.