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“Hate is Taught. So is Love.” Inclusion Expert Ritu Bhasin on How to Be Inclusive in the Face of Intolerance.

Ritu Bhasin is an inclusion expert, and the author of The Authenticity Principle—an honest and moving insight into the pain of being othered, as well as a guidebook on how to be your most authentic and empowered self, in every interaction. In this thoughtful article she provides guidance on what we all can do in the wake of the mosque massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Says Bhasin: “I have been asked repeatedly: What can I do to be supportive and inclusive in this difficult time? What can I do about the powerlessness I’m feeling?”     


Her answer? Reach out to your Muslim friends and colleagues. “I was devastated following the killing of six Sikh men at a gurdwara by a white supremacist in 2012,” says Bhasin. “The love and support from people who reached out to me during that time greatly helped my healing … it signaled to me that people felt compassion for what I was experiencing and it mattered to them that I was hurting.”


Talk about what you’re feeling. “When I’ve been asked “How are you?” rather than responding with the typical “I’m great,” I’ve deliberately shared my truth: “It’s been hard. I’m very upset by what’s happened.” This candor has enabled me to have authentic, meaningful conversations with others about my feelings, and has given me a chance to learn from others. It’s helped me to feel empowered and hopeful in this time of darkness.”


She also includes a link to handout she created after a similar attack in Quebec City, which outlines five things you can do immediately to exercise inclusivity in the face of intolerance.  


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