leadership | October 04, 2017

Companies Do Better When They Embrace Diversity—And Here’s How. The Year’s Must-Read Book on Workplace Inclusion.

Ritu Bhasin is a diversity and inclusion expert, an advocate for female leadership, and the president of a top diversity and inclusion-focused consulting firm. Out today, The Authenticity Principle was developed after years of helping global leaders and organizations leverage their team’s differences into increased engagement, productivity, creativity, and success. 

But first she was a lawyer, and highly successful at it for ten years: “I curated an image of a happy lawyer …but I was hurting inside. Spiritually vacant, disconnected from myself, deflated about my differences, exhausted from performing.” We are happiest and most productive when we can be our most authentic selves, but paradoxically, whether they realize it or not, many workplaces encourage conformity. 


“An honest and thoughtful immersion into what it truly means to be The Other. A definite must-read for all!”

— Deepa Mehta, Award-Winning Director and Screenwriter

That’s when she began developing the ideas that would become The Authenticity Principle. Available today, the book is a blend of memoir, cutting-edge psychology, practical mindfulness, and exercises that individuals and companies can use for leading and encouraging a more authentic life. “When you embrace and live your differences, you feel more connected, centered, and empowered … we need to be in a place where we’re embracing who we really are in every moment.”

Ritu Bhasin: The Three Selves


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