psychology | February 19, 2020

Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman Interviews Bestselling Author Lori Gottlieb on Common Myths of Therapy

Psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb made waves when she released Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, a poignant memoir that’s spent week after week on the bestseller lists. Now, she joins fellow Lavin Speaker Scott Barry Kaufman on The Psychology Podcast to discuss the book, some misconceptions about therapy, and why searching for “happiness” may be the wrong goal. 

Therapy and looking after our emotional health is becoming more mainstream, in part due to the success of books like psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb’s Maybe You Should Talk to Someone. In it, she examines the lives of her clients, as well as the experience she had going to therapy herself. The book has struck a massive chord with readers around the world (it will soon be adapted into a television series with Eva Longoria), painting a revealing picture of what therapy can look like for the uninitiated.


“The relationship that happens in therapy is so important,” Gottlieb tells Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman. “Study after study shows that the most important factor in the success of your therapy isn't the person’s training, or the modality they’re using, or the number of years of’s the relationship.” Though credentials and experience do matter, evidence shows they don’t matter nearly as much as the person-to-person contact. “When you can go and have a relationship with somebody and be vulnerable, and be authentic, and show the truth of who you are [...] that’s life-changing.”


Watch their full conversation below.


Maybe You Should Talk to Someone With Lori Gottlieb || The Psychology Podcast


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