social media | July 25, 2012

Share, Listen, Watch: Social Media Expert Amber Mac at Social Mix 2012

Social media expert Amber Mac spoke today at Social Mix 2012, and Twitter—via the #SoMix2012 hashtag—lit up immediately. The event, which brought together top online branding innovators, is a special fundraiser for the Remix Project, a Toronto-based program to give young people from disadvantaged, marginalized, and under-served communities access to creative educational programs and facilities. Amber delivered a new talk, Social Media for Entrepreneurs - 7 Steps to Success, where she shared personal stories of her rise from P.E.I. to web stardom. "I used a lot of my own stories about growing up in an entrepreneurial family", Mac told us, "so [it was] a bit of a shift for me. Apparently, the shift worked. Her talk had the Twittersphere abuzz as she trended in Toronto and racked up a whopping 862 mentions. Here are a few of the best Twitter comments on Amber Mac's talk. They nicely encapsulate her message:

Bobby Umar ‏@raehanbobby
Fantastic Amber! @ambermac tell your story, follow competition, connect with influencers, be a thought leader, help others often #somix2012

Tina Holmes ‏@tinalovespinot
Applause fior [sic] @ambermac ... Fab social media content and tips #somix2012 ... Fun video and tweetables integrated!!! Yay Amber!

YourCommunityRealty ‏@YourCommRealty
#SoMix2012 Amber Mac...Share, Listen, Watch... Be Responsible and have fun!

Eservus Toronto ‏@Eservus
Great talk by Amber Mac! Lot's of things to consider and try out! #SoMix2012

Salome Sallehy ‏@salomesallehy
"Use social media for social good." Amber's 3 of 7 #soMix2012 @ChipotleTweets @ambermac

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