new speaker | June 06, 2022

Share The Mic In Cyber: Lavin Welcomes Google's Head of Product Security Strategy Camille Stewart

Our national security is only as strong as the diversity of the experts who defend us. As the Global Head of Product Security Strategy at Google, Camille Stewart knows that this is especially true in cybersecurity. If the wars of tomorrow are fought online, we need innovative, diverse people who are ready for a rapidly changing landscape.

Camille Stewart is an attorney and executive whose cross-cutting perspective on complex technology, cyber, national security, and foreign policy issues has landed her in major roles at leading government and private sector companies like the Department of Homeland Security, Deloitte, and Google. 

As a founder of the #ShareTheMicInCyber campaign and co-founder of the Diversity in National Security Network, Camille uses her expertise as Global Head of Product Security Strategy at Google to inform us of our role in global cybersecurity (starting at home), shines a light on how governments and industries can combat misinformation online, and leads us to an understanding of diversity in tech as a vital part of national security. 
Watch Camille explain why we need diverse tech teams here:
Diverse Teams Make Safer Technology | Camille Stewart

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