innovation | July 20, 2011

Sketching Big Ideas: Tom Wujec on Visual Note-Taking

Tom Wujec doesn't just write, consult, and speak on the power of visualization—he actually practices what he preaches. In this video from the TED Blog, Wujec talks about how he uses visual note-taking—using diagrams, sketches and drawings instead of straight text—to help absorb and make sense of the wealth of information presented at the annual TED Conference.

Wujec explains how visualizing the big ideas helps to synthesize information and jog memory. The process of visual note-taking also plays a large role in its effectiveness. By producing the notes in multiple steps, first by sketching during the presentation, and then by adding colors and additional diagrams to the notes the next day, your brain is given two opportunities to cement the information.

In addition to speaking on visualization, Wujec, a Toronto-based innovation expert, also runs workshops in which he produces these visual notes, on the fly, in interactive workshops. With these customized workshops, Wujec has found that companies leave with a better understanding of their own work flow. They suddenly see new potential opportunities and new ways to streamline their processes. (In fact, members of The Lavin Agency recently visited Wujec at his office and ran through one of his workshops with him; it really is an eye-opening interactive process—and quite fun!) By utilizing visualization techniques, Wujec can help organizations of any size and industry re-think the way they do business, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

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