digital innovation | June 12, 2012

Success from Anywhere: Amber Mac Speaks at Social Mix 2012

Today, Amber Mac is one of the most in-demand digital innovation speakers around, giving keynotes from Vancouver to Chicago to Sydney. But the bestselling author and Fast Company contributor comes from humble beginnings in Canada's East Coast. And that’s what makes her the perfect speaker for the Remix Project’s Social Mix 2012 conference. The Remix Project helps “level the playing field for young people from disadvantaged, marginalized and underserved communities” by providing "top-notch alternative, creative, educational programs." As this blog post explains, Amber Mac herself is a vivid example of how cutting-edge thinkers can rise out of the most unlikely places:

Primarily a farming community, Charlottetown is mainly made up of public sector jobs and call centres. Light manufacturing companies in the chemical space are also prevalent. For the digital and mobile marketing arena, then, Charlottetown may not be the ideal environment. Yet that hasn’t stopped Amber from conquering the space and becoming a true thought leader... It doesn’t matter that she grew up in an area not known for its technical wizardry; or that she was away from the digital powerhouses of Toronto or Vancouver – Amber knew what she wanted to do and the paths she’d have to take to get there.

Whether she's talking about digital innovation, the latest digital tools, or creating your own personal online brand, Amber Mac is at the forefront of the digital revolution—chronicling and enabling the growth of social technologies from the late 1990's to today. In order to compete in the hyper-competitive global marketplace, our future business leaders need digital education as much as traditional education, and The Remix Project is helping children of marginalized and underserved communities receive the type of training that can equip them for success. As Amber Mac herself shows, the digital space has leveled the playing field for those who have the drive and determination to make a difference.