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Suki Kim is One of The Only Writers to Ever Live Undercover in North Korea. Now’s the Time to Listen.

Suki Kim is one of the only writers to ever live undercover in North Korea. Completely immersed, intimate with people no other outsider will ever meet, her rare knowledge about the world’s most mysterious and unpredictable nuclear power is both crushing and captivating.

And with the type of headlines North Korea is currently making, it’s also crucial. Kim—whose New York Times bestseller Without You, There is No Us chronicled the time she spent teaching the sons of North Korea’s elite—is a valuable resource for the curious, the concerned, and everyone in between. Here’s a round-up of what she’s saying about North Korea right now: 


3. Kim’s story for The Moth, re-released from the vault:

“I didn’t want to wait for North Korea’s permission to tell North Korea’s story.” 


Suki Kim will also be on a panel about North Korea at this year’s New Yorker Festival. For more information about her, or other politics speakers, contact The Lavin Agency.

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