cybersecurity | October 16, 2019

Could the Future Have 3 Internets? Cybersecurity Expert Tarah Wheeler Weighs in on Bloomberg

Tarah Wheeler, a cybersecurity policy fellow at New America, joined Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia to discuss how regulatory policies, as well as the U.S.-China mini trade deal, could impact the tech sector. 

Andy Purdy, Chief Security Officer of Huawei, recently said the company plans to spend 2 billion dollars over the next five years on security. Tarah Wheeler admits that we’re already seeing splits in the United States and its allies in terms of policies towards Huawei, and ongoing trade tensions could also lead to two or three internets in the future.


“I’ve been talking about the concept of three internets for a period of time now,” says Wheeler. “It’s growing more defined, more distinct, that as regulatory environments split in their requirements and norms that they’re trying to preserve, we’re going to see a Chinese, a European, and a U.S. and the rest of the world Internet.”


Where does this leave companies who do business across borders? Watch Wheeler’s full segment here to find out more.


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