speaker news | July 22, 2022

The Cyber World Is for Everyone: Digital Security Veteran Tarah Wheeler Joins Council on Foreign Relations

If you think cyber issues don’t affect you or your business, think again. Seemingly nebulous threats like security breaches can compromise our reputation and our customers’ trust, but Fulbright scholar Tarah Wheeler has good news: we can take action. "Computers aren’t magic. They’re pleasingly reconfigured dirt that are useful tools, like an anvil or a frying pan or an F-35," she says. And with a little help, we can make sense of the cyber world and keep ourselves, our companies, and our loved ones safe.

Tarah was just appointed to a senior fellowship for global cyber policy at the Council on Foreign Relations: a think tank and publisher whose goal is to start a conversation around foreign policy. She's been a cyber project fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and Symantec’s senior director of engineering and principal security advocate.


The author of Women in Tech, Tarah’s spent her career demystifying technology and connecting big cyber questions to the non-tech sphere. Her accessible talks provide us with actionable strategies for keeping ourselves safe and building trust with our customers—for everybody, not just for tech experts. "You can learn and understand anything you want to," she says. "This world that we get to live in is crazy, but it’s real. And you can be part of it too."


Watch Tarah explain easy cybersecurity steps that you can take today:


Easy Cyber Security Steps for Everyone | Tarah Wheeler

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