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Tech Savvy: Lavin's Top Technology Speakers Dish on The Digital World

With the way we navigate and utilize the online world changing by the minute, it can be hard to keep up. Luckily, Lavin has some of the top technology speakers around; all experts in their field who are constantly analyzing the most pressing questions about the digital space. Not sure if you're using social media to your advantage? Weary about online privacy (à la the recent alleged Facebook breach)? Don't fret—the answers to your questions are here. Today, new technology experts Alexandra Samuel and Amber MacArthur share their insights on the nuances of replying to an email, and how to make the most out of the new Twitter update.

What Does Your Email Response Time Say About You?

According to Alexandra Samuel, the time it takes you to reply to an email message can reveal a lot about you. In a recent blog post, Samuel writes that she "[uses] email response time as an indicator of someone’s intrinsic worthiness as a human being." What is the correlation between how long it takes you to shoot a reply back to someone and what kind of a person you are? "Non-responders are rude and unreliable," Samuel writes, whereas "instant responders are clearly people with too much time on their hands." While it may not seem like it, your online activity is inextricably linked to your offline life. Samuel's opinions on the delicate balance that exists between your online and offline life can be found in her blog posts for The Atlantic, The Harvard Business Review and Oprah.com. She helps companies in all industries learn how to manage their online presence in her keynotes and in her popular TEDx Talks.

How To Utilize Twitter's New Features

As a blogger for Fast Company, an online hub with an editorial focus on businesses using technology in innovative ways, Amber MacArthur shares her tips on how to make the most of new digital advancements. When Twitter announced the ability to upload a new Facebook-esque header image, among other tweaks, MacArthur was one of the first early adopters to make use of the new features. "What this new [Twitter] design does well," she writes in a recent Fast Company article, "is to give brands a better opportunity to market their products and services." In the article, she gives three suggestions for using Twitter to your brand's fullest potential which include: updating your profile picture, creating a new header image, and making an effort to upload more photos and videos that correspond with your tweets. "Your profile page is your bona fide business card in the social media world," she adds, noting that "sprucing up your page" can do wonders for your brand. In her keynotes, she keeps companies ahead of the curve; helping audiences cut through the media clutter and dig up the best tactics to enhance their online strategy.

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