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The Importance of Investing in Yourself: Ritu Bhasin Shares Business Lessons that Apply to Life

As the President of a leadership and inclusion firm, Ritu Bhasin understands the importance of living with authenticity. Here, she shares how some of the best business advice she’s gotten has translated into an empowering principle for living one’s life. 

“As a business woman and an entrepreneur, one of my greatest life lessons from running a business is the idea that you need to spend money to make money,” Ritu Bhasin explains. While she admits it was a lesson that took time to learn, once she understood the value of investing in her business, she never looked back.


Now an inclusion and diversity specialist, Bhasin coaches professionals on how they can empower themselves, leverage their differences to their advantage, and lead fulfilling and successful lives. Through her work, she’s discovered that business advice can be translated into advice for our personal lives: “You need to spend money on yourself in order to invest in yourself, so that you can live your best.”


“I’ve learned that in order to flourish and thrive in life, we must put resources into nurturing our mind and body,” Bhasin says. She suggests investing in education, activities, and training tools that will increase your confidence and help you see yourself as the greatest investment you possess.


Spending Money on Yourself is the Best Investment You Can Make


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