business strategy | July 01, 2014

The Internet Didn't Change Retail. Mobile Did. New Douglas Stephens Video

They call Douglas Stephens the Retail Prophet for a reason. In a fast-paced new keynote, he looks at how technology, big data, and consumer trends have given a handful of disruptive outsiders the tools to change retail. How people buy is changing, drastically. "And it's not a trend or a speed bump," he says. "Or even the mother of all speed bumps—it is a crash into an end of an era.” Soon, companies might ship you something before you even order it, and your phone will alert you every time you are physically near a product that you searched for on Google. The technology that changed everything, interestingly, was not the Internet—it was mobile. Watch the five-minute clip above to hear Stephens' take on how we got here, and what comes next. 

In his talks, Stephens shows you how to stay ahead of the changing mega-trends in demographics, economics, and technology that are resetting your industry. To book Douglas Stephens as a speaker for your next event, contact The Lavin Agency.

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