ritu bhasin | March 02, 2017

The Key to a Diverse, Happy, Productive Workplace? It’s Authenticity, Says Ritu Bhasin

What happens when we bring our whole selves to work—our true, unfiltered identities, without fear of judgment or reproach? To Ritu Bhasin, diversity and inclusion expert, empowering people to be their authentic selves means building healthier relationships and more productive companies.

Ask yourself: Who are you at work? Bhasin says you’re likely portraying one of three selves: a real, “authentic” self; a “performing” self, which falls in line with corporate monoculture; and an “adaptive” self, which is an authentic version of who you are, though tempered by mainstream sensibilities. Often, to get ahead, we feel like we have to conform—and thus we perform. And while muting aspects of who we are—our race, gender, religion, cultural background, or sexual orientation—may help us get ahead in the short term, it shouldn’t be this way. Bhasin argues that diversity is strength, and that ushering in a new era of outside-the-box corporate leadership requires a wide swath of voices, experiences, and perspectives. 


At bhasin consulting inc., Bhasin coaches C-Suite execs and employees alike on building cultural competence and using their differences to get ahead. And in doing so, she’s discovered an undeniable bond between inclusion and authenticity—the basis for her upcoming book, The Authenticity Principle, coming this year. 


Bhasin is an electric keynote speaker, and her unwavering passion for diversity and inclusion is evident in every word. And whether she’s tackling issues of leadership, authenticity, or personal motivation, she’s sure to empower your team to reach their goals. Her commitment to social change hasn’t gone unnoticed, either—she’s received the IndoCanadian Chamber of Commerce Female Professional of the Year Award, the City of Toronto William P. Hubbard Award for Race Relations, and Western University’s Young Alumni Award. 


For a conference speaker with a fresh approach to workplace diversity, look no further than Ritu Bhasin.


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