economics | August 24, 2021

The Forces Shaping Our Future: The Lavin Agency Welcomes Harvard Economist Ken Rogoff

The time has come to start preparing for the post-pandemic world—but how can leaders cultivate the deep level of global and national understanding they’ll need for such future planning? To make sense of the sweeping economic forces that will define our strategies, The Lavin Agency is proud to welcome Harvard economist KEN ROGOFF as one of our newest speakers. 

The former Chief Economist for the International Monetary Fund, and author of the trailblazing book This Time is Different (a New York Times bestseller), Ken Rogoff has spent a lifetime analyzing financial crises, the political economy, and macroeconomics. His enlightening talks, informed by years of experience, put economic downturns (both historical and potential) into perspective, as well as decipher future economic development through the lens of the climate crisis, COVID, and rising inequality— helping leaders and investors ask the right questions to navigate today’s turbulent waters.
To discover the unique risks of this particular moment, where our concerns should lie, and what steps we must take to encourage recovery, there is no more judicious or accessible guide than Rogoff.


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